Overcoming Social Anxiety
You are NOT alone!

Welcome to Support for Social Anxiety!


My name is Marla. I have had Social Anxiety Disorder all my life and have been actively overcoming it for years. I’m here to offer you hope and guidance on how to improve your life with social anxiety. The process of overcoming social anxiety disorder has changed my life.

I am on a mission to raise awareness for this condition and provide resources for it. I find that support groups are the most effective way to overcome social anxiety. I have made great progress over the past 9 years facilitating them! I now live my life with a new outlook, confidence and energy that I never dreamed of. I want to share with you what I have learned on my journey.

There are groups at all different levels, from beginners to advanced, in numerous locations in Connecticut. There are more details here: Support Group Options.


Throughout my years of experience with social anxiety support groups, I have encountered many amazing people in which we have inspired and encouraged positive changes in each other’s lives. I couldn’t have achieved so much without their continuous support and the opportunities to “practice” social anxiety situations together.

What would your life feel like without having to ask yourself this question every day, “Would my social anxiety “allow” me to do this?” Instead, you can learn how to make decisions based on what you want out of life. You can become an active participant in your progress and not engage yourself in avoidance patterns.

My hope is to offer this possibility to you – to find a support system that fits your needs in which you can grow and not feel alone any longer in this challenge of overcoming social anxiety!



There is something about helping others (especially helping those with the same challenges that we have) that heals us as we do the helping.

A note of gratitude to Kurt:  Thank you for your support, belief in me, encouragement, and much appreciation to you for making this website a reality.