Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop



September 15 & 16, 2018

The Heritage Hotel, Southbury, CT



  • Reduce your fear and anxiety associated with public speaking or performing
  • Lessen your anticipatory anxiety prior to public speaking and performing events
  • Reduce avoidance of public speaking and performing opportunities
  • Learn ways to calm your physical symptoms and empower your mind set 
  • Increase feelings of confidence and ease when speaking or performing and create the possibility of coming to enjoy the experience!

Marla Genova, M.A., CMC (Certified Master Coach) is the group leader of this powerful 2-day weekend workshop. Marla was mentored by Janet for many years and leads the group with compassion and first-hand knowledge, having suffered from this fear herself. She is dedicated and experienced in helping you get the results you are after: less fear and anxiety and more calm and confidence with speaking or performing.
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Participants have consistently spoken of the workshop experience as extremely empowering, and even life-changing, providing them with a strong foundation to move beyond the limitations of their fear. 

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Meetup Support Group

Not sure which option would be best for you?  Are you looking to help someone else?

  If you are not sure which option would best suit your needs, please contact me, answering the questions below.   
-   If you are looking for help for someone else, please contact me and provide as much information as possible.

How long have you had social anxiety and/or extreme public speaking fear?

Have you been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder?

How has this anxiety affected your daily personal and professional life?

Have you tried any kind of treatment for social anxiety? 

If so, what kind?  (e.g., individual therapy, group therapy, (CBT))

Have you tried a group approach before specifically for social anxiety/performance anxiety?

Do you prefer structure or an open discussion format in a group environment?

Is your social anxiety around small groups, daily interactions, mingling, (generalized) or more a public speaking fear/performance anxiety (non-generalized)? It is common to have both or some overlap between the two subtypes.

What are your goals for joining a group?

How did you find this website?  (Search engine, another website for social anxiety, flyers, referral, other)

Please email responses to:

Thank you for reaching out!


These options are for adults with social anxiety, including but not limited to: public speaking, performance anxiety, meeting new people, being in public places, and fear of being embarrassed, criticized, or scrutinized.

Support groups are an opportunity for individuals who share common challenges to express themselves in a safe environment where they can receive support from others who are empathic and can relate.  In this setting, group members will learn tools and skills that have worked for others, and even those that have not worked so well. 

Individuals will be encouraged to discuss thoughts, feelings and challenges, in addition to one's accomplishments and successes.  The setting is non-judgmental and a wonderful opportunity for those that have felt isolated and alone in their struggles to feel understood.  

Some of the benefits of group environments include the opportunity to:

  • Reflect ideas and hear those ideas of others
  • Learn through both active participation and through observation
  • Give and receive immediate feedback about concerns, issues, and current situations affecting one's life
  • Work through personal issues in a supportive, confidential environment while helping others work through theirs.

Customized Resources Local to You

Are you or a loved one overwhelmed by all the information available for social anxiety and/or public speaking fear?

Don’t know what resources you need or how to search for them?

Save yourself hours of time by letting me guide you to the right solution for you, which may be local or online. This is an individually customized experience, based on your anxiety and your circumstances.

CBT guided, structured New Haven group:  weekly Saturday a.m. meetings

This group uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) specifically designed for social anxiety disorder from Dr. Thomas Richard’s program at the
Social Anxiety Institute (SAI).  There are also open discussions and members provide weekly progress reports on their social anxiety challenges.

The group is held on Saturday mornings in New Haven, CT from 9:30am to 12:00pm.  There are 2 sessions per year, one beginning in March and September.  This is a very 
effective group; everyone has had tremendous success over the years and created meaningful bonds with one another.  This group began in 2006 and has new and continuing members.

Learn how to recognize irrational thoughts and change them into positive thoughts (cognitive therapy).  Gradual exposures (behavioral therapy) are done each week to help people feel more comfortable within a group environment.  These techniques have helped many to overcome daily challenges with social situations.  

visit the SAI website for more details on the program.

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop

CBT Structured Support Group

Coaching With Marla - The Power of Perspective

Marla specializes in coaching for social anxiety and/or public speaking fear and in areas of self-growth such as confidence, life transitions, etc.

Individual and group coaching offered remotely and in Central Connecticut. 

​Email coaching is a convenient option as well.

Contact Marla  for a 20 minute complimentary session and let her show you a whole new perspective and way of thinking!

Support Group & Workshop Options

Coaching With Marla

Meetup Support Group, Discussion and Activities

2 meetings per month, Hartford, CT area:   Plainville and Bristol  

This group is a mixture of new and returning members (the group formed in January 2009).  There is no commitment involved; attend as you are able.

We alternate between regular discussion meetings and "Activities" meetings.

There is no solid structure to the meetings.  We usually share our stories on a voluntary basis; no one is required to participate and are welcome to observe only.  

We speak about what is going on currently in our lives regarding social anxiety issues, treatments we have tried, coping skills and our overall thoughts and feelings in general regarding our experiences.

This is a non-therapy group but we do schedule some "Activites" meetings for behavioral activities/mild exposures if people feel comfortable enough to do so.  

ACTIVITIES meetings:

These meetings occur within the Meetup group, alternating every other meeting, one per month. We practice some behavioral exercises (exposures) that challenge us, representing real life social anxiety situations.

Some examples are:

  • Mingling - (2-3 people each) talk for a few minutes each turn
  • Reading aloud in front of the group
  • Random, impromptu questions, with varying levels of difficulty
  • Open yourself to questions - volunteer to sit in the "hot seat" and take questions from others
  • Practice introducing ourselves in depth
  • Role Playing - practicing assertiveness
  • Presenting anything - come prepared with a small speech or a topic of interest

To view the full contents of the Meetup site, please click on “join us” and answer a few questions.  You may use your initials or first name only for confidentiality.