Other Local Resources

Meetup: Central CT Social Anxiety and Public Speaking Phobia Support Groups

Support groups held in the Central CT Area since 2009.   It is a very supportive environment in which you can meet many local people with SAD.  Meetings are held in Bristol and Plainville usually on weeknights, 2 meetings per month.

This is a private Meetup website  that requires you to answer a few questions about your social anxiety.  Once your request is approved, you will have full access to the website.   You don't need to give your full name, you may use initials or a nickname.

New England Resources


Meetup: Goodbye Social Anxiety, Hello New World    Bridgeport, CT area

This group is for anyone currently dealing with SAD and/or Avoidant Personality Disorder and is looking for support and encouragement. This is a non-judgmental, safe sharing environment.

MeetUp-Social Anxiety Support Group of Albany, NY

MeetUp-Social Anxiety Support Group of Rochester, NY

These 2 groups consist of three types of monthly meetings:
(1) Exposure Meeting, (1) Support Meeting, and (1) Social Meeting

Anxiety Disorders Center, The Institute of Living     Hartford Hospital

The Anxiety Disorders Center administers highly effective individual, group and accelerated CBT treatment for anxiety and related disorders.

Anxiety Treatment Center, LLC        Farmington, CT

The Anxiety Treatment Center, LLC specializes in individual and group CBT for anxiety and related disorders. 

Anxiety-Phobia Treatment Center of White Plains   White Plains, NY. 

The Anxiety & Phobia Treatment Center specializes in treatment for Specific Phobias, Agoraphobia, Health Anxiety, Public Speaking and Social Anxiety, and Fear of Flying.