Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop


September 15 & 16, 2018

The Heritage Hotel and Conference Center

Southbury, CT

Marla Genova, M.A., CMC (Certified Master Coach) is the group leader of this powerful 2-day weekend workshop. Marla leads the group with compassion and first-hand knowledge, having suffered from this fear herself. 

She is dedicated and experienced in helping you get long lasting results.

Read testimonials from the workshops.

Participants have consistently spoken of the workshop experience as extremely empowering, life-changing; providing them with a strong foundation to move beyond the limitations of their fear.

  • Reduce your fear and anxiety associated with public speaking or performing
  • Lessen your anticipatory anxiety prior to public speaking and performing events
  • Reduce avoidance of public speaking and performing opportunities
  • Learn ways to calm your physical symptoms and empower your mindset

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop